Neil deGrasse Tyson denigrates Philosophy. Great response from Massimo Pigliucci

Neil deGrasse Tyson denigrates Philosophy. A response from Massimo Pigliucci via @mpigliucci

Next NYC Reasonable Faith Meeting Sunday 2PM April 13th 2014 – How Jesus Became God: A Closer Look

Good evening, everyone.

Next Sunday we will take a look at Bart Ehrman’s latest book, How Jesus Became God. It was released late last month and is already making waves. I was reading it on the bus and a fellow and I started a conversation about it. Bart has put together his case and it is important to know what he says as many will be echoing his thoughts after him. We will discuss his case, its methods and merits. It will be a journey through theology, New Testament Source Criticism and the philosophy of history. We look forward to a great discussion as this meeting will primarily focus on you as questioner and responder.Come ready to learn and then to be able to share with others what you discover. Hope to see you there! Same place, same time. Location details below to the Everyday Church (our venue for RF meetings): Jesus Became God

Hear Alister McGrath and others this weekend in Boston!

Park Street Church Apologetics Conference

Park Street Boston Church

Patrick Henry College hosts “The Return of the God Hypothesis”

Good evening, everyone.

Check out this Apologetics Conference coming to the greater Washington, DC area this April 4-5. All star line-up of speakers and topics. A must-go if you are able to attend! (and a very cool website to boot)


John Lennox and Stephen Law – Designed by God? SOLD OUT – 26 Mar 2014 – Oxford Literary Festival

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