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Review of Meyer’s Signature in the Cell by Anthony J. Sadar

This review comes from the Washington Times and is favorable to Meyer’s conclusions:

Signature in the Cell Event: Dr. Stephen C. Meyer Faces His Critics

Dr. Stephen Meyer has written a book that is shaking the evolutionary establishment like “ Darwin ’s Black Box” and “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” did in previous decades. Meyer has assembled a set of ideas based on the latest research on living cells that must be answered if traditional Darwinism is to survive. So Biola University is assembling a powerful group of credentialed critics of Meyer’s “Intelligent Design” position to let him have it with both barrels. No hiding in dark libraries or murky laboratories—if Meyer has the goods, he needs to answer his toughest critics face to face! (Thanks to Reasonable Faith Dallas chapter for information on this event)

An exclusive, limited On-Demand format will allow you to watch these videos live or at your convenience:

Stephen Meyer Faces Critics Live Event