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NYC Reasonable Faith Meets Sunday 2PM

Good evening, everyone.

Have you ever wondered what we could know about Jesus and his movement from the first century after his resurrection if we didn’t rely solely on the New Testament? You might be surprised to learn that a number of references exist from other sources.

Paul Rezkalla will present to us “Christian Origins Outside the New Testament.” Many people mistakenly believe that everything we know about Jesus comes from only the New Testament or those who were his faithful followers. Not so. We not only have reliable New Testament material, but also history from neutral or disinterested sources as well as from friendly and even hostile sources. A little bit about Paul will appear below my signature in this email.

Come ready to learn and then to be able to share with others what you discover. Hope to see you there! Same place, same time. Location details below to the Everyday Church (our venue for RF meetings):

Google maps link to The Everyday Church:
ad maiorem Dei gloriam,

Philip Murray

Professor, NY Divinity School
Director, NYC Reasonable Faith
twitter: @g0thamite

About Paul Rezkalla:

Paul recently graduated from NYU with two Bachelor degrees in History and Religious Studies, where he was also a Pre-Med student. He concentrated in Ancient Christianity, Christian Theology, Theological Philosophy, and Antiquity. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy of Religion & Ethics at the University of Birmingham (UK) where he conducted research in Meta-Ethics, specifically evolutionary morality. He is on track to graduate with a Distinction. He has recently become interested in the Cognitive Science of Religion, with its implications for Theism and religious belief. He is also studying for a second MA in Theology at St. John’s University where he works as a Graduate Assistant.