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Stephen C. Meyer Answers Common Objections to ID

In this 25 minute video clip from a recent John Ankerberg interview, Meyer answers the four most common objections to ID: 1) Is it really Science? 2) Isn’t it just a God-of-the-gaps argument? 3) Didn’t the Dover decision settle the case against ID? 4) Isn’t it just Religion in disguise? Not surprisingly, he answers a resounding “No” to each question and clarifies his position on every single one.

In addition, Dr. Meyer presents the positive case for ID in a simplified manner for the lay audience. The argument can be stated succinctly and simply. It is, in my opinion, a new, improved version of Paley’s Watchmaker argument. For a thorough treatment of Meyer’s version, read his book, Signature In the Cell. To profit the most, it requires a close reading of the biological details involved in the production of DNA, but nonetheless the general outline of the argument can still be followed even if your molecular biology background is weak. Here’s the link to the interview:

Meyer Answers ID Objections

One Comments to “Stephen C. Meyer Answers Common Objections to ID”

  1. Well, I didn’t watch the video yet –

    but the reference to the watch/watchmaker “axiom” makes me giggle. That whole ‘thought proof’ is deeply and logically flawed.

    There is no reason to suspect that a systemic environment was created by anything but process & variable just because a finite piece of matter as intricately fashioned as a watch is KNOWN to be created.

    It’s simply a non-sequiter.

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