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2011 Science & Faith Conference in April

The 2011 Science & Faith Conference will be held at the Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA on April 8th and 9th (Friday night and Saturday). The theme this year is “God and Materialism” and will feature presenters from both the Seminary and the Discovery Institute.

From the description:

“Conference sessions will examine the conflicting worldviews of theism and materialism; the widespread impact of materialism on science, ethics, society, Biblical studies and theology; the latest scientific evidence against materialism and for intelligent design in biology and cosmology; and the positive implications of modern science for theism.”

There are about 100 seats left. Last year’s event was sold out early and many could not attend due to a late registration. For more information and to register, see:

Science & Faith Conference Info


From Westminster:
Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress, professor of New Testament interpretation
Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint, professor of apologetics and systematic theology
Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback, President of the seminary, and professor of historical theology
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Jue, associate professor of church history
Rev. Dr. Brandon Crowe, lecturer in New Testament

From the Discovery Institute:
Dr. John West, social scientist, author of Darwin Day in America
Dr. Guillermo Gonzales, co-author of The Priviledged Plant
Dr. Jonathan Wells, molecular and cell biologist, co-author of The Design of Life
Dr. Paul Nelson, philosopher of biology
Dr. Jay Richards, editor of God and Evolution