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NT Wright at The King’s College in New York City

Back in April of this year The King’s College welcomed N.T. Wright to their Distinguished Visitor Series. He was interviewed by Marvin Olasky, then Provost of the college. In an hour or so of free-ranging questions, he talked about a variety of things, including his conversion, early college studies, marriage and child rearing, a bout with depression, the Jesus Seminar and so on. A good Q & A session was held and yours truly asked a question regarding the original manuscripts of the New Testament. I taped the session and present it for your consideration and comment. This audio was captured with a hand-held digital recorder. It was not captured in a controlled environment but if you listen closely I believe most of it will be clear to you.

Here is the link to the audio and some of the topics discussed and their time location (note: this is a new audio link directly from The King’s College audio feed on their website. I have removed my own recording so the time markers may be off somewhat).

NT Wright at The King’s College, New York City

First ten minutes: Speaks about his own religious background as a child – educational background and college experience at Oxford – marriage and child rearing – young theological student during the 1970’s.

13:20 – bout with depression

16:00 – growing interest in historical Jesus studies

17:30 – how personal pain shapes us

19:00 – his understaning of Jesus’ Messiahship

22:00 – how to interact with civility toward others with whom you disagree

24:45 – incident involving John Piper

28:00 – how we should understand the Scriptures

31:15 – his new perpective on Paul

35:00 – working with the people of his Diocese

37:20 – his interpretation of Romans 1:1-7 in its historical context

40:00 – comments on his recent Eastern sermon

Question and Answer at 42:00

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  1. The audio link seems to be missing, please let me know when it is up and running though. God bless.

  2. It is up now…takes you to a link on archive.org. Let me know your thoughts.

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