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Dr. Darrell Bock on “Why We Trust the Bible”

On May 14th, our Reasonable Faith NYC chapter attended a presentation by Dr. Darrell Bock, of Dallas Theological Seminary on the subject, “Why We Trust the Bible.” In this wonderful audio presentation you will find these things discussed:

1. Historical Criteria applied to the Gospels to test authenticity

2. The Jesus Seminar – goals and outcomes

3. Evaluating the Extra-Biblical attestation to Jesus (Joseph, Suetonius and Tacitus – special attention to Josephus)

4. A close look at the Crucifixion story and its historicity

A really great Q & A session was held afterwards. Yours truly asked the question:  “Could we even recognize an original autograph of the New Testament if it were in our midst?” I asked the same question to N.T. Wright when he was here in NYC a month ago (this audio event will go up soon – watch this space).

Here’s the Audio:

Dr. Darrell Bock’s presentation “Why We Trust the Bible”

Dr. Bock provided us with a copy of his PowerPoint slides in pdf format:

Dr. Bock’s PowerPoint slides on “Why We Trust the Bible”